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Al gores documentary is junk science. December 20, 2007

Posted by globalwarmingscare in Videos on the GW Hysteria.

People neglect many facts about global warming, and Al Gore sure loves pictures of Antarctic glaciers, but the ice sheet in Antarctica is actually GROWING. Air temperature is actually cooling! Most of the global warming is a mixture of temperature recording in cities and city growth.

You see, city growth creates an island of heat because buildings and asphalt absorb heat and make surface temperatures hotter in urban areas. Balloon and satellite measurements have actually shown temperatures to be DROPPING in the air directly above the surface. However, since cities are measuring the collective temperature of the nation, it seems as though we are all getting hotter.

Why is this happening then? Well, many astronomists have noticed that Mars and Pluto have been heating up, albeit in small measures. Could the answer to global warming be in, gasp, THE SUN?

It is ironic that only 30 years ago they were scaring us with global cooling only 20 years ago with nuclear winter.
Think for yourself and question authority!



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