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Welcome to Global Warming scare !!!

Welcome to Global Warming scare !!!

We try to create some BALANCE to the global warming scare out there.We are not locked into any one position or attitude to Global Warming .There are many contrary view to the monolithic doomsday approach reported in the media.Hopefully the articles and resources on this site will MAKE YOU THINK A SECOND TIME BEFORE YOU ACCEPT THE SCARY DOGMA.

Keep an open mind…..


JS (founder of Global Warming Scare)



1. Tom Harris - December 20, 2007

This is an important Web site and I encourage you, and your readers to leave no stone unturned. We are on the verge of spending literally trillions of dollars worldwide, changing our societies immensely to dramatically curtail carbon dioxide emissions. Yet the most important issue of all, namely whether or not the science of climate change that supposedly backs all this is correct, is not even part of the debate in most media and among most politicians. This MUST change and your site will help that come about.


Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (thermofluids)
Executive Director
Natural Resources Stewardship Project
P.O. Box 23013
Ottawa, Ontario K2A 4E2

Web: http://www.nrsp.com/people-tom-harris.html

2. Brian Valentine - December 20, 2007

Quality of life is directly related to the technology avaliable to improving the conditions of environment – and that technology, of course, all uses fuel (at some point) to convert energy.

We can work for the betterment of humanity far more effectively by helping those nations that do not enjoy as many benefits life as developed nations – education, health care, freedom from hunger, hope of a happier future for children – to gain the technology advatages that have helped the developed nations, and not hinder that idevelopment.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has nothing to do with the climate, is essential for growth of vegetation and is in fact a side benefit to progress. Tell your kids. Tell your government.

Tell the UN.

3. mark duchamp - December 20, 2007

Congratulations to the architects of this site. Denouncing fraudulent “scientific” claims will hopefully put an end to global hysteria, which is poised to ruin the world economy.

Of particular interest is the impact of ineffective wind farms on bird life, landscapes, and quality of life. Regarding birds, they have killed tens of millions already, including many belonging to endangered or vulnerable species. Scottish eagles, among others, stand to be wiped out by hundreds of windfarms to be built on the hills where they fly.

If you plan to visit Scotland, do it before it is completely disfigured by the wind monsters. Ditto with Spain, Italy, France, Wales, Cornwall, New Zealand, much of Australia, Canada, the US, etc.

Mark Duchamp

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